The Cockroaches of Kleptocracy

Covid-19 has exposed the flaws and weaknesses in the American system of capitalism. There are many systems of capitalism being executed across the globe. There is the authoritarian capitalism of China. The regulated capitalism of Europe and the oligarchic capitalism of Russia. Maybe Putin’s system is what we most look like right now, which makes sense as we were the sole superpower and symbol of success when the Soviet Union fell. In some ways, Russia today is our creation in the same way the regulated capitalism of Europe is also our creation. One we created right after our victory in World War II.

The election does not matter as much as the census, so it is hard for me to care about the presidential election. It is especially hard when I see the Treasury looted and nobody says anything. Only Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist, finally stood up and said this spendthrift policy is not helping anybody but the kleptocracy. The census matters more than the election. Why? Give this a listen.

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