Circus Circus

The circus continues in Washington and now in Iowa which is also coincident with the State of Union. Goodness, there is a lot happening at once and none of it looks very good. American corruption is on full display for the world to see. The Iowa Caucus debacle is amazing in how brazen the sabotage has become in the Democratic primaries. Even #45 thinks Bernie Sanders is being railroaded by the DNC…AGAIN. I write about Iowa a bit here. The fiasco in Iowa really makes the case for paper ballots.

Exasperated? Who can blame you? Nonetheless, I bring your attention to Libertarian-Socialism: American Style. The book and you can buy it here. I believe there are real answers in the book. I lay out REAL alternatives to the circus we are now experiencing. Please take a look.

As is now SOP, there is a chess lesson at the end of this podcast. If you want to see that you have to go to the YouTube channel or the Facebook page.

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