Et Tu Romney?

The impeachment of #45 will be unconstitutional. A successful impeachment in the House which is then shepherded through the Republican Senate by Mitt cannot restore the republic. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is where we are at as a nation. Congressman Devon Nunes’ line of questioning appeared to reveal the transcript of the phone call was obtained through the dragnet surveillance program that collects ALL communications in this country. This makes the transcript the fruit of a poisoned tree really and brings this whole process in question. It is why the impeachment process cannot bring back the republic. 

I must give Maguire his props as he appears to be strongly motivated by patriotism. He was able to stand up to Congressional questioning and push back in a way that Mueller could not. Or more exactly, Mueller chose NOT to push back in that way. Mueller looked very much like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. There was a grim fatalism to Mueller’s testimony as if he was resigned to the fact that he had to walk the path, but it was with great trepidation. Mueller chose every word carefully as he tried to pass the CAMEL OF TRUTH through the eye of a Trumpian needle. 

In any case, Maguire’s testimony is far more “righteous”. He quite obviously believed that it was his patriotic duty to walk the path he has chosen. I found it interesting that he had created a “firewall” between himself and the whistleblower. Maguire has made the preparations to go to the mat on this one. As long as we are talking about whistleblowers, I urge Americans to reach out to their representatives and ask them to protect the previous significant whistleblowers of this century: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden. 

Each of these individuals as brought forth previously hidden truths. These three people are currently imprisoned or in exile for sharing the truth about power, money, and geopolitics in the 21st century. Nothing they brought forth has been disproven. Each of them brought forth truths that are VERY important for Americans to understand, but yet they are in jail. Speaking truth to power is very very dangerous, so Maguire’s protection of the whistleblower is significant. It definitely points to a wider framework of support for THIS whistleblower.

In the final analysis, impeachment cannot restore the republic. As such, it is simply a distraction. With election processes so easily gamed, only paper ballots can bring back the republic. Paper ballots can only succeed if people want to put in the work of being citizens again. Otherwise maybe Biden and a country run by an elite in conjunction with the intelligence community is the best way to go. The oligarchs certainly appear to think so. 

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