Did the World Just Tell America NO to Printing Money?

If you have not been paying close attention to the financial markets, you may not have heard that the Federal Reserve has had to step in several times over the last few days to control the interest rates being charged overnight between banks. This is smelling a lot like 2008. Frankly, it feels a bit like #45 is running the country as he has run his companies…into bankruptcy. The “tax reform” of 2017 has led directly to trillion-dollar deficit while enriching the wealthy even further.

#45 is out in California raising money from these wealthy constituents and at the same time bashing California for its armies of homeless. I would be the first one to agree that this is not a good situation, but I am not sure that it is 100% related to California policies. In fact, I am not sure if this situation is even 50% caused by CALIFORNIA policies. I recall the first time I saw a homeless person behind the Orange Curtain. The social safety net was shredded during the eighties and many of the “wards of the state” were turned out into the streets to save money. 

Libertarian-Socialism has answers or at least “ideas” that can bring us together and help us address our countries growing list of problems. Climate Change is one of those big problems for SOME Americans, but for fossil fuel boosters it seems as if there is excitement about a Northwest Passage and drilling in Greenland. It seems as if the extractive industry understood global warming was happening but they also thought it might GOOD for them also this new area open to fossil fuel extraction. 

Quit the Left/Right War so you can think more. Libertarian-Socialism has some real plans and real answers for America. Ideas that are not ideological, but simply logical plans to move forward stripped of politics and drenched in facts. Buy the book and read about a future that neither Democrats nor Republicans can offer due to their ideological blindness.

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