The Left Makes a Big Mistake on Climate Change and Why #45 Wants to Buy Greenland

Our President apparently has interest in buying Greenland. I cannot say that I blame him frankly. It actually makes good sense, if the global climate is warming up. It makes double good sense if you plan on running your economy by burning fossil fuels to generate power or hindering your access to rare earth ores through a trade war. There is plenty of evidence this administration is acting on the belief that the global climate is warming up …significantly. Earlier this year Pompeo was chirping about the economic benefits of an ice-free Arctic. These are the practical indicators of what they really believe.

On the left, there is the talk of this Green New Deal, which sounds like more good money after bad. These renewables solutions cannot succeed now that we have reached the tipping point on climate. We have reached that point for sure I think. I do not believe we can stop it any longer. It is going to happen, its just a matter of how bad it will be.

There is only one way to stop spewing our waste into the atmosphere. Fission reactors can generate industrial amounts of power while putting out almost no emissions into the air. With the climate changing the renewables are not going to save us. In fact, I think that the fossil fuel industry might support the renewables industry to make sure we have to keep using their products.

I write about this extensively in the book. How Americans Came to Distrust Science, the Politics of Climate Change and Why Environmentalists Should Support Fission. If you don’t want to buy the book, you can read them at the above links. But HEY BUY THE BOOK PLEASE!

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