Stop the Nazis and Losing the Space Race

I should warn everyone there are some F-bombs in this podcast. I am very angry at a sitting president telling duly elected representatives of the people that they need to leave the country. That a duly elected representative HATES the United States. A sitting president incites a crowd to chant for a duly elected congressperson to be deported. This is what fascism looks like people! We need to wake up. This administration vetoed a resolution at the UN condemning Nazism and now we see why.

I am also very very angry to hear the DOJ state that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime. It does not make sense to me that a president can commit crime after crime without being charged. It is the very definition of a dictatorship when the leader is above the law.

I am also pretty upset about the celebrations that are going on concerning the moon landing. I watched it on TV as a kid. When I was a kid my country was on the moon. Today its a Chinese robot on the dark side of the moon. With the discovery of water ice on the moon, a self-sufficient base becomes a real possibility. We say we are going to the moon, but only if some corporation takes us there. The Chinese will have a moon base soon.

What are we celebrating? We appear to have lost the space race. American astronauts have to speak Russian. Can there be a more obvious indicator of that loss, than the fact that American astronauts have to speak Russian? We just don’t have any lift capacity, so Russians shuttle our astronauts to the space station. It is damn embarrassing.

If #45 is allowed, he will deport opposition. The rule of law seems barely alive in this country. I am very concerned, but I am not running away. I am not leaving the country. I am staying right here. I wrote a book that defines a viable way forward. Please give it a read, Libertarian-Socialism: American Style

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