Tax Cuts, Assange, Manning and oh yeah… Book is Done!

Julian Assange has some very powerful enemies. #45 trumpeted WikiLeaks DNC email dump, but he is silent now. Assange is feared and hated on both sides of the aisle. Democrats are even more virulent in their hatred. I guess the outing of the unDemocratic National Committee to the American people is an unforgivable crime. Chelsea Manning is back in jail for refusing to testify IN SECRET on this WikiLeaks prosecution. Americans should celebrate this person’s desire to get the facts out in the open, but instead, we turn our backs.

I have been pretty busy trying to get prepared for April 15th. It has been a bit distressing, to be frank, but I made it through. Boy, the tax cut for the rich people sure cost us a lot of money. I just got done writing a check to IRS. It sure seems like they knew there was no significant benefit for most of America, so they rejiggered the tax tables. It made the tax cut look bigger, but it means smaller refunds or NO REFUNDS now. However, I did finally get the book done in April as well. Please help me pay these higher taxes by buying the book.

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