Spiro T. Agnew, Mike Pence and the Shutdown

One of the reasons I have such a long memory on politics is that I was paying attention even as a little kid. In fact, that attention I paid to politics as a early elementary school kid meant I knew who Spiro T. Agnew was. The fact that I knew and might even make a joke about it got me a lot of attention from adults. That is powerful stuff and it motivated me to pay a lot of attention to the machinations in DC even as a child.

Spiro Agnew was Nixon’s Vice President. He did not become president when Nixon resigned. There is some backstory to that and it might explain why Pence has been inoculated by Mueller’s recent document filings. I personally am not all that enthusiastic about impeachment: 1. I think Mike Pence would be a worse president than #45. 2. I think that #45’s lack of discipline gives we Americans some insight into the power struggle within our government. 3. I am very worried about this presidency not being ended by the ballot box.

I really want this president to be voted out of office by the people. Removal from office through allegedly legal means puts too much faith and power in the judicial branch which has been irreparably damaged by its actions in the 21st century, not the least of which was the installation of the Bush/Cheney administration. An end to this presidency that does not come from the ballot box could lead to strife in the streets. Those in DC don’t really care about the health or safety of the nation. They only care about their power and carrying water for the oligarchy.

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