Ask for a Paper Ballot This Tuesday

I am going to ask for a paper ballot tomorrow. I find it difficult to encourage people to vote, especially if they use a computerized voting machine. These computerized voting machines are laughably insecure. So insecure, one has to wonder if this is purposeful. I guess at this point I have concluded it is purposeful and I am going to vote but only if I can do it on paper.

The duoploy wants insecure voting machines. Democrats nor Republicans do not want secure voting machines, because it would end their duopoly. Moneyed power is paying for results and if the parties cannot deliver results in elections, then they won’t get paid. Blue Wave Red Wave, it all the same thing.

Doubt that? Why have the Democrats not opposed #45 deploying troops in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act? They are silent on the big lie that the Massive Migrant March Mythology represents. I mean a REALLY BIG LIE! There are on average between ten and twenty thousand illegal border crossings on the southern border every day. That is on average three migrant caravans EVERY day. How is this a crisis justifying American troop deployment? This on top of the fact the caravan is over 900 miles away.

There is no crisis yet the Democrats are silent. They are as useless as teats on a boar. We need paper ballots to break the duopoly! Paper ballots please.

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