Manafort and Cohen Don’t Matter as Much as Paper Ballots

I understand that the convictions of Manafort and Cohen make #45’s impeachment seem more likely. However, it is hard for me to get TOO excited about it, because it is bad for the country in many ways. I provide some perspective on impeachment that I have gained by living through previous such times in this country. It also distracts from the gaming of American elections and why does the Electoral College diverge from the popular vote. Paper ballots are the answer, but neither party floats that as a solution. In my opinion that is because they are both involved in gaming elections at the behest of moneyed power. Moneyed power is what is pulling the levers of power in this country and #45’s presidency has made it more clear than ever that this is so. In the county where I live, there is an enormous homeless population that was going to finally be given a place to pitch tents. Of course, it is an economic refugee camp, but we need to face this as a nation instead of driving it into the shadows. Look at what is going on here -> Homeless Encampment on Behind the Orange Curtain However, setting up an economic refugee camp was blocked by the rich people who lived nearby the old military base. It was America in a microcosm as the rich hunker down in their gated communities, hoard their money and let the country go to hell, because they have been allowed to create their own infrastructure within the nation. Amazon and Bezos blocked a ridiculously tiny tax in Seattle to provide for the huge homeless, because you Bezos NEEDS MORE MONEY! Buy the book! There are answers to this mess we are in. There are REAL answers!

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