A Dictatorship of Five Robes and Save the Encyclopedias

The Supreme Court is on everyone’s mind it seems, because the politicization of the court has meant that the United States is becoming a dictatorship of five robes. It was not meant to be that way. There is a lost check in the system of checks and balances first conceived by the founding fathers and that is jury nullification. I don’t think the Democrats can stop this nomination, so it will be up to the people to refuse to convict, if a woman is brought up on abortion charges. Jury nullification means people can vote their conscience and refuse to convict. Additionally, I talk about Saving the Encyclopedias , because I have realized they are invaluable as a source of historical fact. The internet is so full of “alternative” facts that facts have become quite fluid. However, back in the day, encyclopedias contained in book form all of the facts that we agreed upon as a society. I have decided to spin up a Go Fund me page in support of this effort, so if you are inclined visit and maybe give some ducats.

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