RFK and D-Day

Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the killing of Robert Kennedy. He was most likely going to win the Democratic nomination in 1968, which is why Lyndon Baines Johnson simply stepped down and did not seek re-election. Can you imagine a president NOT seeking re-election, but that is what he did. The killing of RFK just down the street from my childhood home was a huge event in my young life, though I did not completely understand what it meant at the time. However, despite the craziness at the convention where disenfranchised voters, supporters of RFK, went on a rampage, feeling that another bullet had taken their country away from them, protests did seem to start to get fewer and fewer after the initial upheaval. It became clear that there were forces at work that might just be willing to kill war protesters. Today is the 74th anniversary of D-Day in World War II, the last war we declared as a country. The reason I bring this up is because listeners here know that I hold my veteran grandfather who fought in the Battle of the Bulge in high high esteem. About ten years after the killing of RFK, I asked my grandfather about the Amnesty that Jimmy Carter issues so the draft dodgers could come home. I asked my grandfather if he was upset about it and his answer shocked me!

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