Feeling a Bit Hungover

I am feeling a bit hungover after laboring for over a year on the book, Libertarian-Socialism: American Style. When you are chasing a goal, all obstacles fall away as you keep your eye on that goal, but once you reach that goal, you are not always prepared for the next steps. I think the Parkland marchers may be feeling a similar hangover. They probably really believed that what they were doing and what they were accomplishing to organize and execute those marches was going to bring change. They have now learned about the stranglehold that moneyed power has upon the levers of government right now in the United States.

However, it is more than just NRA money and the corporate gun lobby driving opposition to ANY gun control at all, but rather a “gun culture” in the US that romanticizes the weapon. This is partially driven by a growing militarization of the society at every level: entertainment, domestic policy, economics and foreign policy. The militarization of the police is playing out with deadly consequences all across the nation with people of color paying a disproportionate price.

The book is done and it has chapters on these matters, specific solutions to these very real problems. The eBook Libertarian-Socialism: American Style can be downloaded at libertarian-socialism.org

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