March on PI Day

I find it a bit coincidental that the students will be out marching on PI Day. And it’s my grandmother’s birthday too. She was an original Rosie the Riveter and some of the things she told me about that time color my politics to this day, (R.I.P. Ginga). In any case, I also take some time to clarify the Libertarian-Socialist position on the 2nd Amendment. I have been a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment. I clarify my position on this amendment and talk about why I have been so strong on the second for so long. I also make mention of how an incident in my other life( Riding in Traffic with Cars) helped me come to grips with what a civil society requires from the second amendment. Remember marching students, PI is 3.14159 and you might get a math teacher to join you. Libertarian-Socialism American Style is ready too and it’s downloadable here. A mere dollar for some new ideas about solutions to the American political divide. Buy the eBook

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