It’s not the 3 Percent!

Hello All, I just had to come out and comment on this stupid stuff about 3% wage growth in the last Labor Report being the reason for the stock market turmoil. I am no financial genius or I would have a lot more money, but it seems to me that the huge “tax reform” that added a trillion to the United States debt as well as the recent “budget deal” that adds $200 billion plus to the Pentagon budget and a similar amount to domestic programs is far more likely a cause of inflation. Treasury bond auctions have been showing global skepticism that the United States is a responsibly run country by demanding more for American debt each auction. Go look at the charts yourself. Look at those interest rates on the government’s debt and that is why the stock market is worried. It is not the fact the poor workers were finally seeing some wage growth.

I also talk a little about using cryptocurrency blockchain technology to make America’s elections more secure, so I thought I should provide the link to an old GoFundMe page where I tried to generate interest on an initiative to make the election process auditable.

Also, look for the eBook -> Libertarian-Socialism American Style It will be coming out this month. Come to to download a copy.

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