FISA Fiasco

As the FISA court has become central to the debate about the Russia investigation, one has to wonder why the Republicans renewed the surveillance program AND the FISA court in January of this year. Yes! A few weeks ago the court and all the dragnet surveillance going on in this country were given the “figleaf” of the legislative branch in early January. Where was the outcry then about the gaming of the court? This is all really just theater or the Republicans would NOT have renewed the program over the objections of many privacy advocates. Beyond that this is not new, the questions of FISA and how it is being used have been in the news several times since 2001. A judge on the court actually resigned in December of 2005 complaining about what he was being forced to endure and rule upon on the court. Again and again, the reasons for the deconstruction of our republic revolve around citizen apathy. This judge also ruled against the military tribunals in Guantanamo and the lack of respect for the Geneva Convention, but obviously those rulings were not heeded either. Rule of Law? hah!

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US District Judge James Robertson resigns from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), a special, secret court set up to oversee government surveillance operations. Robertson refuses to comment on his resignation from FISC, but two of Robertson’s associates say that Robertson’s resignation stems from his deep concerns that the NSA’s warrantless domestic wiretapping program (see Early 2002) is not legal, and has tainted the work of the court.

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His resignation in 2005, should have been a BIG DEAL, but Americans almost uniformly ignored this man’s public protest about FISA. Pay Attention Americans, the destruction of the republic is a result of YOUR apathy. Your lack of engagement, your lack of belief in freedom and individual liberty and your desire for OTHERS to fight for your freedoms. The fight is right here, not in Afghanistan or Iraq or Niger or Syria or North Korea. Our military fights for NOTHING, if we are no longer a real republic! WAKE UP!!!!!!! The Democrats nor the Republicans are going to respect your rights, you must demand them or cede your rights to moneyed power.

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