Number 45

Hello Libertarian-Socialists. I am back from a recent trip up north to Canada. I won’t lie, I was considering purchasing some property there for my retirement. I am old and I am worried about MY country’s future. However, while sitting there looking across the Straits of Juan de Fuca at MY country, I felt great pangs of patriotism AND of loss. What has happened in MY country? Upon my return, I find myself waylaid in a security line at SeaTac. The need for a passport to travel internally within my country BACK to California is particularly poignant for me after having such an easy time at the international border, because it was old-fashioned harbor customs. In any case, I am working very hard on the book, but because people have been reaching out to me of late, I KNEW it was time to get back on the “channel” and make sure citizens understand there is still hope. The levers of power remain available and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights DO provide some answers. Do you think there were only TEN amendments in the Bill of Rights. NOPE!!!! There were originally TWELVE amendments in the Bill of Rights! What were the other two? One passed in the 1990s, but one remains unpassed. I think this missing amendment from the Bill of Rights will be of particular import to Californians. Listen up people. Video version of this podcast are available here

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