Obamacare Helps Some, but Hurts Others

Yes, I have been gone for a while. I have had a lot happening personally just as the country has had a lot happening.  I would be lying if I did not admit that I find the Trumpster’s presidency exhausting. There is so much being done by the stroke of the presidential pen it is hard to keep up. This is one of the very bad things of allowing the president, ANY president, whether it be a republican or a democrat do these executive orders and signing statements. This is government by edict and terribly unAmerican.  It feels efficient at the time when you get what you want, but then it feels arbitrary when you DON’T get what you want. If nothing else Trump definitely illustrates that good and responsible governance actually matters. Herein I also spend some time explaining Obamacare’s subsidies and minimum plans that are such a burden to small business owners. There is a lot of misinformation about what Trump’s executive orders on Obamacare mean. One would think that Trump is just doing this out of meanness, but the actual truth is that Obamacare raised premiums significantly for small business owners. I mean VERY significantly, so one of Trump’s executive orders allowing for lesser health insurance plans to be sold is a direct positive to the bottom lines of small business owners all across the county. Remember MOST small business owners are just 1099 contractors living on very slim margins. Sure the low income premiums will go up without subsidies, but there is another segment of society where they will go down with Trump’s action.  Obamacare as the Republican plan from the 90s is NOT socialism and always seemed destined to fail. I feel as if Obama’s goal was to pass it and get the subsidies flowing so that it creates a constituency that fights for its continuation. Those constituents just are not low income either. Big Insurance wants those subsidies, because without them most low income people will just cancel and that is a huge hit to the insurance company bottom line. I predict that those subsidies will be resurrected while the base Obamacare plan will not be, which means that essentially Obamacare repealed only for the low income people it was created to help. Finally, I have heard quite a bit about the Electoral College being eliminated of late, but people should understand that the Electoral College is the canary in the coal mine.  It is the reason why we know the American election system is so sick. The Electoral College provides discreet entities that we can audit more closely than if the presidential election was a nationwide popular vote. Electoral College is alerting us to the fact that the WILL of the people is being subverted and without it we would not even KNOW that this was happening! As always you can donate to help create auditable elections at gofundme.com/SaveTheRepublic

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