After Houston, It’s Fission or Frickin’ Frackin’

Don’t worry about North Korea. The Chinese don’t want a global thermonuclear exchange and they are going to be the ones that decide what happens on the Korean peninsula. We just do not have the money to sustain any kind of extended military action. With the US facing so many things domestically, the Chinese just gave Kim the go ahead to “tweak” Trump’s nose.

Scarier than Pyongyang, is the situation in Houston. It is terrifying for those in it, but also for the rest of the nation. This is the future, these large weather events that are so destructive as global climate change really starts heating up. If you think Tesla or Prius are going to save the planet, think again

These are the hard facts about trying to run an industrial society without spewing waste into the atmosphere. I have decided that I should not be circumspect about this and take the obvious stand that the future is Fission or Frickin’ Frackin’!

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