Is Fire and Fury Anything Like Shock and Awe?

Let us all hope that Trump’s “Fire and Fury” is not anything like Cheney’s “Shock and Awe” regimen, because that was a trillion dollars down a rathole. Fifteen years later there is plenty of “Shock”, but there does not seem to be much “Awe”. Trumpster’s transgender tweet seems WAY off base now that military action could be more imminent and divisive issues in the ranks sow the seeds of defeat. It seems as if the world is looking toward China as the responsible party nowadays. Americans should be glad that the Chinese were on board for sanctions. Given their shared border, the Chinese are going to be able to squeeze North Korea pretty hard.

Unfortunately, Trump cannot keep his mouth shut and let things settle down. Nonetheless, one can be comforted by money. The obvious money trails that run throughout America lead us to the fact that there could be a desire for heightened tensions in the Korean peninsula AT A TIME when South Korea is debating how much to spend to upgrade their military, Since the South Koreans buy almost all their weaponry from the US. We stand to make a killing if the South Koreans get real scared and shell out many billions for supposed peace of mind.

And take heart! Tillerson is out there, the corporate man, and he is saying responsible things to make sure the US does not get too much bad press from our president’s statements. Tillerson does not seem worried, so one can conclude MONEY is not worried about North Korea. Tillerson not worried about global climate change either because he knows that an ice-free Arctic will yield billions upon billions in new oil revenue. It seems that oil companies might have seen global warming as a net revenue positive for their bottom lines.

Keep your eye on the money. You will learn a lot about the background motivations for a lot of these shenanigans.

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