McCain Rises

John McCain rose from his hospital bed to give an incredibly powerful speech. My desire to avoid the work of podcasting and just keep working on my book, Libertarian Socialism, seemed selfish. Though I disagree with McCain on a whole host of issues, I do think he is more honorable than the average American politician. His stand against torture without equivocation has always been something I could not ignore about the man. In any case, I found it courageous that he got himself to the Senate and then gave such an impassioned speech about bipartisanship and what it is to be an American. We should remember that Trump has driven this. Earnest Trump voters looked for these moments from him. Moments where he broke from the Republican establishment and hammered them for their empty “Obamacare will be Repealed” speeches. Trump is really putting their feet to the fire and how can I or any of us be upset about that? This is what the messy business of representative government is SUPPOSED to look like. Debating the fate of Obamacare is not treasonous unless your allegiance is to the Democratic Party instead of the United States. Supporting a healthcare mandate, even a socialist one, is not treason unless your allegiance is to the Republican Party and not to your constituents and our nation. This is the simple truth of how things get done in a representative republic. Embrace it. Be inspired by McCain and get out there and tell your Senators what YOU think. This is America…the PEOPLE are supposed to LEAD!!!!!

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