Chinese Are Coming

There is so much happening in DC; one can be forgiven for being distracted by it. It seems so important this Russian hacking stuff, but really a transparent and auditable election process is way MORE important. The G20 made it obvious that Putin had something on Trump, otherwise why did he show up for a live news conference with Vlad when he won’t give his own citizens such a thing. The diminishment of American power is a matter of concern for sure, but building nuclear bombs is not going to get us back to where we were. If we want to get back to the top where we were when the world beat a path to our door for protection and for financing, we need to get it together. We can provide little of the former and NONE of the latter. The Russians are really a distraction, because it is the Chinese that are ascendant. The Russians are up to their same old tricks, but the Chinese are about to make the 21st century THEIR century unless we start acting like a superpower over here. That means first thing we likely need to invest in is our people and our own institutions instead of investing in nuclear bombs and old-fashioned Strike Fighters. I end this podcast with a bike ride through a riverbed in one of the richest counties in the United States, Orange County, California. From my helmet cam you can see the growing homeless encampments that have become a permanent fixture on the Santa Ana River Trail. These people are forgotten. James Hodgkinson was a homeless person for months before he finally snapped. Are there other James Hodgkinsons out here who will decide that they will NOT be forgotten?

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