Restore the Bill of Rights at the Airport & as the Government Shutdown Looms, the War Drums Still Bang

Just as the name of Martin Shkreli and his company no longer appears in the news, the name of Oscar Munoz and United Airlines will soon fade from the news cycle.  Shkreli will pay a high price for bragging about the the rules and laws he took advantage of, BUT those laws will  not change. Big Pharma will still charge whatever they want sans any regulation.  Similarly, United Airlines will pay a fine and be scolded for being a bad corporate citizen and Oscar Munoz will resign, BUT the actual fact that the Bill of Rights has been repealed at the airport will not be debated. The fact that a sworn peace officer was dispatched, because United Airlines did not want to pay more than $800 to bump a passenger will go undebated.

On another front, Trump continues to be rehabilitated by launching missiles in Syria and dropping MOAB in Afghanistan.  As the government budget debate heats up, the true nature and depth of our debt should become clear to every American.  America can no longer afford these military adventures. Bombs and missiles  are not durable goods. The so-called global war on terror is bankrupting our nation.

The March on Science was largely silent on this, but the fact is that science cannot be paid for any longer unless it is somehow part of the Defense Budget these days.  The reality is that dropping MOAB had enormous environmental consequences some of which would be rather widespread geographically, but no comment is made by the science marchers.  Silence is complicit at this point. Scientists have an OBLIGATION to speak out against “global war” and the truly negative consequences for every being on this planet that it is having.


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