Imagine That, Obamacare NOT Repealed!

Trump looks pretty smart to me here. He has made the Republicans eat their words. Republicans have been saying Obamacare was easy to replace and that they had a plan to do it. Trump has given them the opportunity to succeed and they failed.  Trump is now free to make a deal.  That is what deal makers do. Hearing Ryan whining that Trump is going to talk to the Democrats should be music to the ears of Americans.  I still think Trump wants to do something for Americans, that he wants to do good.  It is actually possible that he could swing a deal that puts a single payer health system in place.  Trump has now actually threatened to oppose the reelection of fellow Republicans in the Freedom Caucus, which is something Democrats have wanted to do for years.  Democrats, unsurprisingly, are not seizing the opportunity, but rather doing a lot of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth over Russian “hacking”.  You cannot have it both ways.  If the election was hacked then admit just how insecure our computerized voting machines really are and stop blaming Russian “hackers” for planting fake news stories.  That is not what hackers do!

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