Trump’s Wiretap Tweet Storm

The world is becoming ever more concerned by Trump’s late night tweet storms.  Some of this stuff is just embarrassing in my opinion, but as unseemly as the guy can be, he IS our president.  As the President of the United States, there is a specific process to have him removed from office.  Our desire to have Trump removed should not blind us to how information is being gathered in this country.  Is this dragnet surveillance making us safer or just easier to control? Obviously, those that wield this power will not VOLUNTARILY give it up AND they may offer these “powers” as a “shortcut” to removing him from office, but we MUST resist.  It is these “powers” that is allowing the “traveling ban” to happen.  It is these “powers” we have ceded to the executive branch for the sake of expediency that allows Khizr Khan, American citizen AND Gold Star father to have his “traveling privileges” reviewed. What does that mean? Secret law that we enacted after 9/11 allow for all manner of things that we KNOW NOTHING about. It is secret law. It is classified. It is Orwellian. Transparency starts with auditable elections.


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