The Size of the House of Representatives and more on the Electoral College

In the podcast about the Bill of Rights, you learned that there were actually twelve amendments proposed as the original Bill of Rights, but only ten got passed.    Surprisingly, one of those two originally rejected had to do with Congress giving itself raises AND it got passed during the Clinton Administration.  What about the twelfth amendment that did not get passed as part of that original Bill of Rights.  That amendment was DIRECTLY related to voter representation in DC.  The size of the House of Representatives is supposed to expand with each census, but has been inexplicably frozen since the early 20th century.  Why?

The answer is probably of most import to Californians who have been heavily disenfranchised for quite a long time due a system that continues to skew toward the low population states.  You will hear many Trumpsters and Tea Partiers giving dissertations on the Constitution, so I am here to make sure you are “booked up”, as well as try to get people to understand how this republic IS durable and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights give us the tools , but it requires enormous tolerance and engagement to pull it off.

BTW-as you listen to this podcast keep in mind that both the British AND the Germans have larger representative bodies with much smaller populations.  Also, there is always the option of a people-auditable election at



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