A Different Point of View

Libertarian-Socialism embraces a different point of view, because I embrace such a different point of view. Why does this different point view have validity?  I do not have a degree in science or politics or history.  In fact, my degree is in Business Administration from a for profit institution in my forties.  Why listen to me then?

I talk about why I am different, and how I fancy myself the blue collar intellectual that Rush Limbaugh promised to be, but then sold out to the oligarchs.  In this segment, I produce a test of the information you get here by suggesting you find out if water vapor is a “benign tailpipe” emission or a greenhouse gas.  I offer up a criticism of fuel cell vehicles that you will NOT hear anywhere else.  Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are being touted as a solution to global climate change.

These fuel cell vehicles are a big lie as a solution. It is not that I am saying climate change is NOT happening.  It IS happening, however the solutions being offered provide clues to how mainstream media and government are being gamed by moneyed power.

Why is the fact that water vapor a greenhouse gas not discussed in the media by EITHER side? Because the science is being gamed, for sure…BUT on BOTH SIDES.  Today you will read about a climate science whistle blower AND that is a valid story,


However, it is DOES NOT MEAN climate change is NOT real.  It means that objective science is hard to come by and perhaps the ideas of Libertarian-Socialism might help us sift through the noise to arrive at some real facts as well as some reasonable conclusions.


Remember!  google it.  Is water vapor a greenhouse gas?


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