Banning Muslims!?

I am against blocking refugees especially when they are from areas where we have a hand in the chaos Mr. President. Secondly, we are ignoring the nations with the most important terrorist.originators, like Saudi Arabia. Thirdly, bringing up Europe is a failure to actually “grok” what is going on, because France & other European nations had colonies in North Africa and are part of their “National Commonwealths”. That meant there was quite a bit of inter Continental traffic between these former colonies that has seeded terrorists into Europe. Fourthly, open borders within Eurozone aggravated “tracking” possible terrorists. This is the source of Brexit . Finally, if you want to cite an example Canada closer to our situation, geo-politically anyway and they do not need a ban. Jeez, America!!! We have to pull our heads out and UNDERSTAND! Anyone with half a brain knew that a Sunni suit-wearing Muslim, like Saddam Hussein, would have been hated by a fundamentalist jihadist like Bin Laden, but yet Americans fell for that BIG LIE. You are smart Donald Trump¬†surely you understand the nuances of this that make your analogy flawed.

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